In a global securities litigation marketplace with billions of dollars available to be recovered at any time, it is integral for investors to fully understand the implications to their firm.

Whether filing in-house, utilizing a third-party filer or Custodian Bank, or a hybrid approach, Recovery Solutions Capital assists investors to ensure that their recovery opportunities are represented and maximized.

Are you a firm that utilizes in-house resources to manage the filing process?
  • How do you know all claims are filed properly?
  • What tracking mechanism is in place to guarantee a full recovery?
  • Do you have a structure to review all Opt-Out opportunities?
  • Do you review and file in ex-North American litigations?
  • Are you comfortable you’re aware of every recovery opportunity around the globe?


Are you utilizing one (or perhaps many) Custodian Banks to manage the filing process?
  • What reporting is provided? At what frequency?
  • Do they offer to file in all global litigations? If they don’t, what transparency is provided on those litigations?
  • Have you switched custodians in the last 10 years? If so, do you know if your prior Custodian Bank is still monitoring and filing on your behalf?
  • What oversight/review process do you perform to ensure your needs are being met? At what frequency are those reviews performed?


Are you utilizing a third-party provider to manage the filing process?
  • What are their control mechanisms?
  • How thorough do you understand what they do (or do not do) on your behalf?
  • When was your last Vendor Review/Due Diligence?
  • Are your full recovery opportunities being represented? How do they prove this to you, and at what frequency?
  • What is their investment into the business? Do they have the expertise to continue to reflect your interests over the next 3-5 years?

These questions above, and many more, are ones each investor needs to ask themselves to make sure that every available recovery is maximized on your behalf.  Investors oftentimes make assumptions as to what is being done by a vendor, and without a thorough review by knowledgeable people, potentially lost recovery opportunities are not identified.

Recovery Solutions Capital helps investors with one-time spot reviews of internal processes, Vendor Reviews, Due Diligence visits, RFI/RFPs, as well as overall organizational reviews for firms who may have multiple groups with disparate processes in place.

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