When reviewing participating in an Opt-In Case an investor can choose whether to register their claims.

Due to the complexities of Opt-In Cases, investors may choose not to participate due to one of the following items:

  • Lack of significant losses
  • No guaranteed recovery
  • Several documents required to fill out
  • Additional proof of trades needed past what is needed for Opt-Out Settlements
  • Merits of the case are not substantial to suggest a settlement is probable
  • Lack of knowledge/comfort of the investor in this marketplace


For those investors who choose they don’t wish to participate in an Opt-In Case, Recovery Solutions Capital will propose a bid to buy the recovery rights for a guaranteed payment.


To produce a bid, the investor simply needs to provide the relevant data for the case.

This solution provides investors with a payment on a case that may take years to settle, if ever.

Once the contract is signed, Recovery Solutions Capital has the right for any distribution made from the settlement, as well as any financial risk brought by participating in the case


If an investor chooses to sell their rights, they have the following expectations:

  • Provide a full set of Holdings and Trade Data for the Class Period
  • Agreement to fill out any necessary forms to register the claim
  • Agreement to provide proof of transactions, or any other evidence needed by the courts
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