• I already have a firm filing on my behalf, can you replace their service?

    A: Our services are meant to be an extension or enhancement from what you currently have in place for filing claims.  You can keep your current services consistent, but utilize Recovery Solutions Capital to expand the opportunities for recoveries.

  • Are you an independent company, or are you a subsidiary of another company?

    A: Recovery Solutions Capital is not owned or a subsidiary of any other company.

  • Do you have funding in place to buy recovery rights immediately?

    A: Yes, we have a group of investors with a set of funds for immediate purchases with a further agreement for significant future investments if/when needed.

  • I’ve never considered selling recovery rights on a liquidated fund or an Opt-In claim.  Can I receive a “no strings attached” bid?

    A: Yes.  The bid generation process is quite easy for any firm.

  • I have a fund that liquidated a year ago, would you still bid on an old fund?

    A: Yes.  There is greater value for more recent trading, but overall there is potential value in funds for up to ten years after trading stopped.

  • Ideally, what information would you need to produce a bid?

    A: To provide the most accurate bid, we’d need to know details on historical recoveries, claims filed but not yet distributed, and potential eligibility on cases yet to be filed.  However, our modeling allows for bids to be created on far less information, but the more information available the better.

  • How quickly can you pay out the money on purchased claims?

    A: Once a contract is signed the money can be distributed within two to three business days.

  • For the purchasing of Opt-In Claims Recovery Rights, are there any jurisdictions you won’t bid?

    A: No.  Today, Opt-In claims are only possible in certain jurisdictions, and we will bid on any Opt-In claims.

  • Will you buy individual claims in the United States?

    A: Yes

  • How do you price out your consulting service?

    A: Our price is dependent upon a clients’ needs.  There are different fees if you only want general assistance on looking at different vendors vs. assistance on a global review of best practices.  We engage with our clients to understand their specific needs to create an attractive pricing model.

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