Recovery Solutions Capital (RSC) assists investors in navigating the global securities litigation marketplace. For investors who end up closing funds or their entity as a whole, RSC provides a final cash infusion to take over the burdensome effort of claim monitoring and filing. For investors who choose not to file in a given Opt-In litigation, RSC provides a guaranteed recovery in an otherwise questionable settlement situation. For investors whom need assistance to guarantee their recoveries are maximized and they’re fulfilling Best Practices, RSC is available for independent support and direction.

Driven for
Optimal Results

Our services provide investors capital while also reducing costs and operational overhead, or in the case of the consulting service the comfort based upon an independent review that your firm is maximizing your recovery potential.

Here Today
Not Gone Tomorrow

Recovery Solutions Capital allows investors to capitalize on recovery claims they may otherwise be foregoing because funds are closing or liquidating, or because the claims are in jurisdictions where they are not familiar or comfortable.

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